Dress your window with sheers


Let yourself be enveloped by the sweetness and beauty of sheers.
The perfect option to get natural light going through the windows and at the same time achieve elegance in intimate spaces.


100% linen with stonewash finish

We present the Italian Drapery collection, with a new addition named Albate. This sheer would be more like a curtain for its greater weight, and width of 3 meters.

Together with Grandate, Lurate and Solbiate, they are perfect to dress with natural colors the windows of contemporary houses, and for bed accessories such as plaids, bedspreads, duvets or cushions.


Glamorous 100% linen sheer

Very light, volatile and vaporous as a fine fabric exposed to the wind.

Vento is available in a range of 8 neutral colours, and it is an ideal choice for contemporary houses that are looking to sift the light while decorating it with the elegance of nature.