Meet our new trimmings collection!


Created by French designer Olivier Berni, this collection is…

Our latest collection is inspired by the ornamentation of the Age of Enlightenment, a cherished era for Olivier Berni, the French designer behind 

« Volanges ».

Paying tribute to this period, he has captured the true French spirit, with both luxurious and exquisitely detailed pieces.

With a range of 10 distinct items, this collection evokes endless possibilities and unique combinations, achieving a sophisticated outcome. 

Its classic elements harmonize with contemporary touches and trompe-l’œil patterns, resulting in a high-end collection that promises an almost bespoke experience.

*Partners : fabrics from Rubelli, Cleo C, Tassinari & Chatel, Veraseta, Cuir Tassin

« One of my greatest pleasures is to combine colors and textures in sometimes unexpected combinations of fabrics and trimmings to create sophisticated decors. »

« I like to use Houlès trimmings on a wide variety of decors, like curtains, upholstered furniture, cushions, blinds, armchairs and screens. »