New life for linen!


Linen is to decoration, as much as the bees are to pollination in Spring: Natural and essential phenomena.

On the one hand, pollinating insects are essential for the survival of countless plants and protecting their survival by slowing down the effects of climate change and supporting organic farming should be everyone’s task.

On the other hand, at Les Créations de la Maison we have recovered the linens that you loved, that you asked for and that were true bestsellers in previous editions of the brand. We bring them back to you here, with more colours, with more options to choose from and an infinity of multipurpose solutions for upholstery.

Today we bring you again the re-edition of the following linen collections: New Life, Bruce & Bud and Natural Linen Velvet.

New Life

Multipurpose fabrics, ideal for upholstery, curtains, or any decorative use, characterized by the use of linen as the main fibre.

Bruce & Bud

Sign up for the reissue of our best linens in recent times. You’ll love this collection of fabrics that look like linen, but with the quality and price of cotton. Plus? It can be used for upholstery and is suitable for any kind of decoration.

Natural Linen Velvet

Impressive compilation of our best linens, reissuing the best sellers of Natural Linen I and incorporating new textures and also the range of colours. An essential collection for the bookshelves of all our customers.