Houlès –  New contemporary profiles!


A technical and elegant collection, perfect for...͏‌ ͏‌ A contemporary range with round rails, simple finials, and a series of brackets; wall, ceiling, or double. Available in 4 trendy, matte finishes,...

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Wabi Sabi: Subtle and imperfect beauty


Wabi is made up of 3 fabulous fabrics: Shizen: beautiful chenille ottoman has a subtle two-tone effect and a softfinish which are highlighted by its great weight and lush texture. Sabi: gorgeous jacquard...

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Houlès –  Let our new braids inspire you!


From city to city, from materials to colors, this new collection... Rio, Brasilia, Chicago, Paris… : Our newest braid collection takes you on a journey around the world... A nod to 10 iconic cities, each ...

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Landscapes and mysteries of the Caucasus


GÜELLE LAMADRID From rock-hewn churches carved by Orthodox monks to harbours with breathtaking views, frescoes and legendary treasures... The Caucasus offers a route through the Eurasian mountain range, whose landsc...

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Natural linens, thicker, softer and with elegant fall… Anyone bets for more?


The combination of these two fibres combines natural simplicity with elegance and sophistication. Both are ideal for curtains. Drop: A heavy twill weave with a spectacular drape and a delicate delavé finish. Lagan...

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Our big challenge: sustainable fabrics under our SF label


GÜELLE LAMADRID Our big challenge:Sustainable fabrics under our SF' label Choose your favourite colour from an infinite variety, decide from sheers or velvet, but remember that the SF label allows you to make a consci...

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Houlès – An elegant and minimalist hardware


These hardware collections coordinate well with…͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌  The ever-versatile French return, these 2-in-1 components provide an innovative and sleek solution for windows, all...

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Etna, the explosion of resistant fabrics for indoor and outdoor


  With the look and feel of linen or cotton, despite they are made with technical fibres that have been engineered to provide high resistance to atmospheric agents. Striped designs combined with an attractive multic...

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Dorian, or the exotic touch your decor was missing


GÜELLE LAMADRID Dorian, or the exotic touch your decor was missing Dorian is an oriental-inspired fabric that adds a touch of exoticism and distinction to our home décor thanks to its elegant floral print.      ...

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Houlès ✨ A must-have collection


Silk, bicolor, outdoor... You will love each of them! This new collection presents a comprehensive range of moss fringes, in a broad selection of shades and textures. Whether your style is class...

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Linum, or the imperfect beauty of nature


  It makes the best use of natural resources and reduces environmental impact. A versatile fabric that you can use for upholstery, for your curtains or to complement your interiors with an organic and natural touch. ...

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Meet our new trimmings collection!


Created by French designer Olivier Berni, this collection is… Our latest collection is inspired by the ornamentation of the Age of Enlightenment, a cherished era for Olivier Berni, the French desig...

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