Will you join us in giving charity products?


Under the slogan “The living Nature”, Les Créations de la Maison has been working and collaborating for years to make our world a better place. This time, they join strengths with the organisation Ambiente Europeo, whose mission is to raise social awareness to simulate citizens’ ability to contribute to solve environmental problems.

Paula Ospina and Tamsin Wright, heart of the ecological restaurant Les Filles Cafè, join this charitable project and design a limited collection of linen aprons, with the peculiarity that adults together with the youngest of the house can use the LES FILLES apron. They are made by the ARED Association with discontinued fabrics or remaining cuts from Les Créations de la Maison, which make them sustainable under the Zero Waste commitment.

Collaborating in the protection of the marine environment

With the purchase of LES FILLES aprons you are making a gift to our Mediterranean sea, as 100% of the benefits will go to the Ambiente Europeo Association, specifically to its citizen science proiect on marine litter International Coastal Cleanuo.

Gratitude and respect for the Mediterranean sea is deep and the commitment to care for it is part of the DNA of Les Créations de la Maison.