Damascus, the history of an ancient city


GÜELLE LAMADRID "Damasco", the ancient city that seems to be taken from "The Thousand and One Nights", is a place where the inhabitants coexist with history through different civilizations, cultures, and religions. ...

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Ready for a wave of inspiration?


Our new "Zelda" collection is sure to inspire you with its new colorful... The « Zelda » collection is presented in « Normandie » blue in a luxurious living room, filled with exceptional details. Fring...

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Woodland, good intentions


Includes organic shapes and is perfect for all kinds of contemporary and fresh decorations, but above all ideal for people who are committed to the environment.Linden: multipurpose jacquard fabric with a design ...

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Nur collection. Light to light


Light to light We present Nur collection.A double width sheer, which provide privacy while letting in light. This fabric has a linen look but is made from recycled polyester.It has an extensive range of 15 sob...

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A graphic and functional collection!


Discover our two hardware innovations to simplify your life and optimize your...  We partnered with the AC/AL studio, a duo of French product designers, to revamp our signature collection. The result ...

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Algarve, when beauty is natural


Learn more about us They share the fact that they all use only three colors: antracite, linen and ecru, while their width of 3 meters makes them ideal for dressing the most luminous windows, decorating beds, ...

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Ganesh, the story of an elephant


GÜELLE LAMADRID The term "Ganesh" alludes to Ganesha, the Hindu god with the body of a man and the head of an elephant which give their name o the two fabrics: Parvati, son of the goddess, and Shiva, the god.A fun c...

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Welcome to Houlès!


Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of welcoming many of you into our Paris showroom during Paris Deco Off. On this occasion, you discovered new decors* featuring our latest trimming and hardware collectio...

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Grupo Lamadrid: Learn more about us


Learn more about us We begin this year presentingour corporate dossier Concurring with Güell Lamadrid 50th anniversary,we introduce our history, values and our brands identity. DOWNLOAD IT HERE ...

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The secret is in Comporta


We present Comporta collection, whose natural beauty has inspired us to create: Comporta, Galé, Santo Tomé and Aberta. Comporta: striped fabric that gives its name to the collection has been crafted aro...

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Houlès: Let us introduce our new collections!


Refined and geometric shapes are an elegant invitation to your interiors. New collection Chic inspiration with a graphic approach! Inspired by Art Déco, our new collection reveals its spirit throug...

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Ikigai, to live longer and better "Ikigai" is the Japanese concept for living longer and better.It does not have an exact translation; however, it is attributed an especially beautiful meaning: to have a reason to li...

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